Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not so fast..

On Thursday we brought Gracie in to the doctor to have her cast taken off - finally.. and the doctor said that she was still about a week and a half to two weeks away. Grace was a little bummed out and so were we. I was looking forward to taking her swimming again. Swimming is one of her favorite things to do and when we tell her that once the cast comes off that we will go swimming she gets the biggest smile on her face. She has been walking quite a bit on her cast so it started to wear a little on the bottom so the doctor had to reinforce it with some more cast. She is going to be so happy when this thing finally comes off. She is really excited to be able to play outside and go back to the YMCA and do her classes again. When she broke her foot she was going to a gymnastics class, a swimming class and a general play time class at the Y a few days out of the week. We have been trying to keep her as active as we could for the past 6 weeks or so since she broke her leg but there is only so much we can do. We are just happy that she will be recovered by the time we go on our vacation to Massachusetts in November. I will put up pictures when she is finally out of the cast and all better. ~09/26/09

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