Saturday, September 19, 2009

Football & The Fair

So the week started off great! On Monday the NFL football season started off with one of the best games I have ever seen! The New England Patriots kicked off their season with a 4th quarter comeback win against the Buffalo Bills in Tom Brady's first game back since blowing out his knee in the opener last season. We had Peter and Nicole over to watch the game with us. We also had our friends Dusty and Shirley over too. It was GREAT to see those guys again, it has been a long time since we hung out and I enjoyed their company. I fired up the grill and grilled up some cheeseburgers and steaks, there was potato salad, pasta salad, chips & dip, drinks.. It was a good time. On Thursday Nicolette took Grace to the Puyallup Fair. I was unable to go because I as at work. They went with Anna, Candi and Anna's mom Kiera. Grace had a great time. She rode on a bunch of rides and saw a bunch of animals. I was looking at the pictures and I just love the look on Gracie's face, you can just see how much fun she is having and how much she is enjoying herself. I wish that I could have been there with her. '
I got an email from my Mom telling me that her and my Dad are most likely going to be moving to Florida. This was a nice surprise because I thought that they were going to end up in North Carolina. I am more than ok with a move to Florida!! I'm ready to hit the beaches when I go to visit instead of freezing my tail off in Massachusetts each time I go out there. Besides, I think it will be cool to take Gracie to Disney World and things like that when we go on vacation. We are all pretty excited about that and hope that everything works out so that they can make that move. Today Grace got another package in the mail from Nana and Papa. It was pretty cool - my Dad got her this mini skeleton to put together so Grace can see how the body works and what happens when a bone is broken. There are little booklets that come with it to help teach her about the human body. She is so excited about putting the skeleton together so that we can break his body as she puts it.. Pretty funny! There was (of course) a monkey toy, a monkey book and some coloring books in there too. But that is ok because Grace LOVES monkeys and she can never get enough.. She is our little monkey!


Dan and Sheila said...

Hay! It looks like it was a great week. I found your blog on John's. Sorry if you don't want us to read it because I am already a fan. LOL! Hay we miss you guys and are glad we now can keep track of what you guys are doing. I am looking forward to reading your future blogs. Check out ours, you can find it on Johns blog. Love you guys! Sheila

Justin Glennon said...

It is good to hear from you guys! We miss you too. We were talking about still trying to make it to Utah sometime this year if we can. I looked at your blog and it made me cry when I watched the video and read some of what you had to say. They were beautiful pictures, words and videos. I am glad that we have this way to keep in touch with everyone and see what eachother is up to. Say hello to your family for us. We miss you guys!!