Thursday, September 3, 2009

A new cast

Today Grace had her cast removed and had a new one put on. The one that was removed went up her entire leg so she could not bend her leg. We got new x-rays today and her bone is healing nicely. Her new cast goes from her foot to right below her knee and she will be able to walk on it once she feels comfortable enough to try. She is still a bit nervous about putting any weight on it. You can see the pictures of the old full leg cast and the new one that only goes half way up her shin. The bear that you see next to her is a gift that Nana and Papa got for her, if you notice he has a broken leg too.. Grace loves to sit with him because they help make each other feel better. Only 3 more weeks and she will be out of the cast! I'm glad that she will be fully healed by the time we go to Massachusetts in November. I want her to be able to go for walks with Nana and to be able to play on the swings with Papa. While we were at the doctor's office today, she didn't want to have her cast removed, I think she feels more secure with it on and thinks it will hurt again if we take it off. I told her that we were going to take this cast off and put on a new one to help make her leg get better faster and she said no, I'm healing in this one! It was so funny.. Then the doctor came in and she said that she wanted him to leave because he was a stranger and she doesn't know him. She is so funny. ~09/03/09

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