Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Justin, Nicolette & Grace Family Blog

Well, I guess we will jump on the Family Blog bandwagon. After talking with John I realized that it is a great way to keep in touch a little better with family who is not close enough to see on a regular basis. Also, there is so much going on right now that it is an excellent way to write it all down and have the memories available to us later. We are going to do our best to write something in here as often as we can. I like John's idea of having his blogs turned into a memory book at the end of the year so that is another reason for us to put some of our life events down here, so I guess we will consider this passage the "forward" of our first Family Blog book. What will be written throughout this blog is the events and memories that Justin, Nicolette and our beautiful daughter Grace have and want to keep and share. ~09/01/09

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Moose Magnet said...

Awesome. Nice to see you getting a blog going. It makes it easy to keep in touch and know what is going on with each other.