Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick or Treat and VACATION!

Well Halloween was here again.. Once again, time for costumes, candy, sugar highs, candy and more candy! This year Grace was a princess. We asked her what she wanted and that was what she said. Halloween started off with Nicolette taking Grace and her friend Anna to the YMCA where they had a bunch of games and candy for the kids, I was not able to go because I was at work. It was really cool because Anna got her prosthetic legs right before Halloween and was able to walk around with Grace. They were both so excited. I think it is awesome that they are such good friends, I hope they remain friends for a long time because they really like eachother. After I got home we went to the church where they were doing the "trunk or treat" again. That is nice because it is in the parking lot and people open their trunks of their car and the kids go from car to car getting candy. After doing that for a little while Grace said she wanted to leave so we took her to the mall and let her walk around a little. That was nice because there was a lot of kids there and she was able to have a little more fun and get, what else, more candy. Right now it is after midnight and is officially the day that we will be flying to Massachusetts for our annual trip home! We are all so excited to get there.. not so much for the plane ride though. I can't wait to get home and see everyone. I miss my family so much and hate that I only get to see them once a year. This year will be extra special because I will finally get to meet Glen and Sean's daughters. My sister is going to pick us up from the airport again. I'm so excited to see her again. We will be staying in a hotel tonight when we get there because we arrive around 11:00 PM. We go to the condo in Rhode Island on Saturday where we will be staying for the week. On Sunday we are going to have a full house. We are having a big get together with a lot of family and some friends. Nicolette's friend Jennifer who used to live near us in Utah and now lives in Massachusetts will be coming down. Nicolette doesn't know that she is coming so that will be a nice surprise for her. I am just looking forward to a week with my family and a welcome break from the daily routine. It will be nice to see family and a nice view of the ocean instead of the 4 walls of my office at work every day. I wish my dad's boat was still in the water so we could go out, he had to take it out last week. What a bummer.. I love going fishing with him. It is nice when he decides to keep the boat in the water though but that is a story for another day. (Sorry dad, I had to.. you know I love you.) Well, that is about enough for now. ~11/06/09

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Jeremy and Immer said...

Well Gracy had a great Halloween! So, how much candy did she get? My kids love Halloween because it's the only time during a year that they have a bunch of candy at once :o)