Wednesday, January 20, 2010

30 Things I Love About Nicolette

One of the things that Nicolette's Uncle and his family does on their family's birthdays is say the things that they love about eachother and I think it is a pretty cool thing so I decided to steal that idea from them. Since today is Nicolette's 30th birthday, I decided to make a list - here are 30 of the many things that I love about her.

1. I love the way she loves her entire family.
2. I love that we have been together for 14 years and she still tells me every day that she loves me.
3. I love the LOVE that she has for Grace.
4. I love that she supports me in whatever I do, even when it is crazy and doesn't make sense.
5. I love the way she smells.
6. I love the way she does Grace's hair and always makes her look so cute.
7. I love the way she decorates our house.
8. I love her selflessness.
9. I love her beautiful smile.
10. I love the way she works a full time job and still never complains about coming home and doing as much as she does around the house (we appreciate it all)
11. I love how she still holds my arm or my hand when we go out, like we did when we were still teenagers.
12. I love how organized she is.
13. I love how she puts up with me when I'm being grumpy.
14. I love how she is on top of everything all the time.
15. I love the way she dances when there is a song on that she likes.
16. I love how she helps teach Grace how to count and do her ABCs.
17. I love the fact that she'll do things with me, our friends & family that a lot of girls wouldn't do.
18. I love that she goes to baseball games and other sporting events with me even though she is not a huge sports fan.
19. I love that she lets me dress up Grace in Patriots gear on Sundays - and that she wears them too.
20. I love how she irons my clothes so I don't have to do it myself (thank you for that!!)
21. I love how she goes into a store and looks for stuff for Grace first and never thinks of herself.
22. I love watching her with children.
23. I love the way she looks first thing in the morning just as much as I do when she's all dressed up to go out.
24. I love watching her dance with Grace.
25. I love the way she cares for her friends and does whatever she can to help them.
26. I love the way she sings Grace to sleep.
27. I love that she is my best friend.
28. I love that she is a wonderful wife.
29. I love that she is a wonderful mother.
30. I love the beautiful person that she is - everyting about her.



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Jeremy and Immer said...

Nicolette is an awesome person. I love her too.