Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All better... finally

During the past few weeks with all that was going on here there have been quite a few things that have gone on that I have not wrote about and I figure that now is as good a time as any to write a few memories down. While Eric and Mary were here a few weeks ago we all went down to the doctor's office and FINALLY got Grace's cast taken off. She was nervous and scared to have it come off. I think it got to be a security thing for her because she was running all over the place during the last 5 days or so that she had it on and once it came off she did not want to move. The doctor said that is pretty normal but to keep an eye on her. I thought it was pretty funny that her leg was almost as hairy as mine when the cast came off.. She said look daddy, my leg is hairy like yours. It was pretty funny. I was getting a bit concerned because she was not walking on it very much at all for the first couple of days and when she did it was very little and with a pretty bad limp. A couple of days after she got the cast off we had some of Nicolette's family over to play some games and somehow Grace hurt her leg and it swelled up pretty good and was really black and blue. Mary suggested taking her to the doctor's office and Grace did NOT want to do that. We told her that if she could not walk that we would take her in and she did her best to walk to avoid going back to the doctor. We did not take her but really kept an eye on her that night. That was the only time that I thought that she might not have healed yet. It has been about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks since she got her cast off and I think she's doing pretty good. So far she is not walking with too much of a limp anymore but she favors her left leg a little still and doesn't always walk with her foot straight, she tends to have her toes pointed away from her instead of straight ahead. I guess because I've never broken a bone that I just don't know what to expect for the recovery phase, that and no father likes to see his child in pain. I wished every day of it that I could take her pain and discomfort away and let her leg be all better. All she wanted to do was go swimming and go back to the YMCA and play with all of her friends again, all except for that little boy who jumped on her. That is what she would say, how funny is that! She just started going back to class again. She is in swimming class, little gym (which is just open play time with other kids and toys and things - this is where she broke her leg), she is in gymnastics and also a cheerleading class. I haven't been able to go to any of her classes because I've been working every time she has had them so far but I am really excited to go tomorrow. I love going and watching her play and have fun. Now that things have settled down a bit it will be easier to get on here more frequently and write down some of the things that have been going on. Life just goes by so fast and I want to make sure to write down all that goes on so I can have those memories later on. I will get some pictures posted of Gracie getting her cast off and some others when I get a chance. Until then.. bye for now. ~10/26/09

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Jeremy and Immer said...

Hi Justin, I had no idea you have a blog and found it reading Shirlee's. I'm going to add your to my blog list.